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Documenting the music scene
CB4M owner Jonathon Stearns directed music videos through Original Film, and Art Directed many music videos for Propaganda Films. He was later a staff director at Circuit Magazine where he generated short form documentary content/artist profile clips with many artists including Moby, Cracker, BT, Cake, J Mascis, The Eels, Royal Trux, The Jayhawks,The Roots, and others. With Channel B4, he has worked with artists including Rickie Lee Jones and Ann Magnuson to create documentary and creative content. He additionally built a large body of work documenting music and other generes of live performance through his relationship to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

Stearns is himself a lifelong musician (trumpet and keyboards), and has performed, recorded and collaborated with many artists. His own bands include the psychedelic instrumental project Tesch, which performed at SXSW and NXNW, and he led The Silver Palm Trio doing "songs from black and white movies."

Through Channel B4, Stearns creates long and short form digital content for social media and other distribution platforms.


About Channel B4 Media

Established in 2001, Channel B4 Media is a Los Angeles-based production company offering videography, photography, VR, editing, motion graphics and animation services. Owned by Jonathon Stearns, CB4M has created powerful content for corporate and industrial clients for the past 17 years, including Harley-Davidson, HealthNet, Deloitte, Guerdon Enterprises, Boyd Communications, California Institute of the Arts, and Corsini-Stark Architects.